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Prob w/ HDD was likely MY FAULT.

September 17 2011 at 5:50 PM

Buzzard Lunchyear  (Login buzzardslunch)

Seems like i had a simple lubrication problem that was causing each successive cocking to get worse;

I polish out the hammer tubes on my guns w/ mothers billet and then i dont lube them,
[per instructions from Daystate on polishing their slingshot, they advise leaving it dry so lube wont attract lead dust to valve stem etc.].

Yesterday, after approximately 200 faultless shots w/ HDD, the cocking pull started getting really hard.

I tried lubing w/ graphite and it got worse. [i Dont like to put oil near valve Orings].

I stripped and cleaned whole hammer assembly, and tried it dry, no help.

Tried to lube w/ remington dri lube, [coats w/ teflon] for marginal initial improvement, followed by return to poor form.

Tried again today w/ 3 in 1 oil on striker and bolt channel and it seems to be working smoothly again [fingers crossed].

I think the initial break-in phase w/ HDD caused some wear in the hammer tube, [i could see it in the tube]
maybe some shavings/ detritus accumulation in the striker tube messed up the glide, then my graphite gummed it up some more,
and the teflon coating was not up to the job. The 3 in one seems to be working. next time i strip i'll buy and put some moly.

I did not try change the set screw on the HDD, as length/tolerance seemed least likely problem given nobody else has had an issue with it.

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