You get your shot count advantage from a reg because...

March 2 2012 at 9:48 AM
Scott in CO  (Login scottdecapio)

Response to I have a question about regulated guns.....

It lets you use a much wider range of fill pressures. A non-regged gun may have a sweet spot from 29000psi to 1800psi for example... Say filling to 2900 and shooting down to 1800psi gives you a 20fps extreme spread. You can fill it higher than 2900 but that suddenly puts you at a 50fps extreme spread (For many of us that translates into too much POI shift and we might decide those are non-useable shots). Where the reg pays off is that you can fill much higher and still see a nice flat shot curve. Put a reg in the same gun and now you can suddenly fill to 3300psi or even 3500psi and still see your 20fps extreme spread all the way down to 1800psi. That's where the reg gets you your shot count advantage... But fill the regged gun to 2900psi (in this example anyway...real world details may vary of course)and it probably won't be much different than a well tuned non-regged gun....

I hope that helps,

Scott in CO

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