The first barrel was a 24 inch barrel on a Condor

March 2 2012 at 10:50 PM
unrepentantsinner  (Login unrepentantsinner)

Response to Awesome, how much hold over or scope correction?

It shot Kings superbly, so when I realized the next step was taking off the choke, I did not want to risk that with the 24 incher.

In the meantime I had purchased a 18 inch used barrel, so I cut a 1 1/2 inches off it and ened up with a 17 incher. I had started this journey with a Condor frame, and decided being as I have to go with a 17 inch barrel why not switch the entire project over to a Talon frame and have a short light powerful package. I then shortend the breech end of the 24 incher to cut the altered lead off and get back to a lead workable with the Kings, set the barrel back in the bushings to the original specs.

As far as being loud, it is neighborhood friendly, but realize my closest neighbor is 150 yards away.happy.gif


I have all my scopes, Leupolds vxIII, vx II, Bushnell 3200 5x15 Tacitcal and this Burris 2x7 Fullfield, shimmed .040 and the front bottom ring radiused to try and avoid ring marks. Without the shims I can't even come close on the amount of holdover I would need. With a 70 yard zero, at 150 yards I dial in 22 inches, at 260 it is 47 inches.

I am about to switch scopes to a VXIII 4.5x14 LR 30 MM with the 21 minute Holland reticle that I have on my Royale 400. With that scope I will have the ability to just hold on the proper minute of angle mark on the lower reticle and should be able to have POI marks from 70 to 260 yards. The bottom of that reticle is in MOA, 24 if you go to the top of the lower heavy duplex and the top and sides are marked in Mildots. But until the rings get here from PA so I can make the switch, I will use the little Burris.

Right now I am using ballistic computer to get my range settings.

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