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My Seal Wear Comment Was Based On Tuning Numerous Specimens and Simple Physics

March 4 2012 at 5:49 PM
Ed Krzynowek  (Login ekmeister)

Response to Re: You Want Simplicity? Go with the R1, 9, or 10

No matter how many FPE it's shooting or what country you live in, the breech seal set-up on the TX-200 and 77/97 is more vulnerable than it is on the barrel cocking guns.

That's because with every shot the seals get pounded upon by a hammer. That hammer is the piston.

For that reason the breech seals on under-lever rifles should be periodically-checked for wear and leakage. It may not happen as fast on every one of them, but it will happen more often on the under-lever models than it does on the barrel cocking rifles. The seals on the break-barrel rifles don't have to take the same pounding as the ones on the under-lever rifles that were named.

Happy Shooting!

Ed, The Airgun Tune-Meister

"We can rebuild the squirrel. Make him stronger, faster...We have the technology"---Skyler M.

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