I started out with springers back in

March 12 2012 at 7:40 AM
Charlie in CT  (Login ar6man)

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the mid 1980's. I had an RWS Model 52. I loved the gun and was amazed at the power that could be had with a single cocking stroke having grown up with the standard fare of Crosman and Daisy multi-stroke pneumatics. What I quickly discovered, however, was that I could only get about 2000 shots out of a spring before it would break and need replacing. I shoot quite a bit and this just happened too quickly. Dynamit Nobel used to be the main distributor for RWS and on the plus side, it was a simple matter to remove the action from the stock and send it to New Jersey for a spring replacement. They did this free of charge everytime the spring needed replacing. I only paid shipping. It just got to be a nuisance. When Beeman came out with the RX with the magical gas ram, I was one of the first in line. When I foolishly sold my RX-1,(had it upgraded by Beemans) I had well over 10000 shots through it and it performed as well when I sold it as when I first bought it. I've been shooting my Crow Magnum III now for 15 years and easily have well over 10000 rounds through it and it hasn't changed at all in peformance either. I'm not sure the Crosman nitro pistons are going to go the same distance as the Theobens, but the gas ram concept is certainly a sound one from my experience and I'm sure a properly built nitro piston will exceed the life expectancy of a spring.


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