Yes they do

March 17 2012 at 10:51 PM

AA Skiff  (Login AASkiff)

Response to Do the SWFA scopes have large mil-dots?

larger then say on Bushy Elites.

These SS scopes are nice scopes though. Glass wise very close to Elite 3200 line (same place factory builds both)

rear focus is a nice feature too. Not as good as a side focus scope but still works well.

They sure are better (have better glass, then Leapers and the rest of China scopes, also the weight on SS scopes is very impressive. They are lightweight for a 30mm scopes also the legth with build in sunshade is just right too.

For the money they are a pretty good deal. The reticle dots sure thing could be smaller, that is why I sold mine. But keep in mind Tasco originally had these ordered for a military contract and in a combat situation large mil-dot in low light settings do better. But now SWFA could have definitely work on the reticle issue. If these things had a half mil-dot like Hawke or Falcons do it would be the best deal for $300 on a Japanese scope.

p.s. Well I think they just put out them with the Mil-Quad Reticle. Awesome all I can say happy.gif

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