What do you mean rear focus is not as good???

March 18 2012 at 12:32 AM
VYD  (Login VYD)

Response to Yes they do

I have 10x42RF, 10x42SF, and 16x42RF scopes from SWFA. Rear focus is just what it is - rear focus. RF models have less moving parts than SF models hence they are, mechanically, tougher.

20x model does have larger dots because it's a 20x mildot, not a true 10x like on some Bushnells and Leapers. On 10x42 models, the mildot is at true 10 power and is very fine. It is thicker/larger on the 16x model and even larger on 20x.
On fixed power scopes the reticle's size will be true for the power of that scope. On variable power scopes it will depend whether or not the reticle is in FFP or SFP. If you don't know what the difference is and what the FFP reticle is really for, I suggest you do your homework before telling that SWFA has some "reticle issues."

And before you jump into a MIL/MIL scope for an airgun, you need to know what MIL/MIL really is compared to MOA/MOA.

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