New Huntsman XL question

March 22 2012 at 11:40 PM
azcornman  (Login azcornman)

Good Evening:

I picked up my new Huntsman XL .22 yesterday from AofA. Woohoo! I got to choose from 3 guns, picking the one with the nicest figured wood. However, I noticed my box was marked 190 bar but the other 2 were marked 200 bar. The salesman said don't pay any attention to that, just fill to 200, they are actually rated to well over 200. Then, this evening while mounting the scope, I noticed the little medallion on the breech block that says 190 bar.

My question is, what's up with that? Can I fill to 200? Do I have something different, below par, mis-marked, undesireable? Do I keep it or take it back for the 200 bar marked one? (If there is even one left to get!! I've waited about 6 weeks for this one) Has anyone else got one of these 190 bar Huntsmans? Haven't even shot it yet! I'll call AofA tomorrow and double check. Just wanted to get the Yellow consensus on it.


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