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Sick of lighted Reticles and the trend to heavier scopes

March 24 2012 at 1:51 PM
Brad  (Login Hearken)

It seems there's a trend toward more lighted reticles and 30 MM heavy scopes. This is great for some purposes, but for most of my hunting situations, the added weight isn't worth the trade. What are your thoughts?

What I would like to see more of is:

1" Tube
Mil Dots are a Must. Preferably dots that go all the way to the bottom and show windage like leupolds xmas tree reticles.
High end optics
Side focus to 15 yards. Must be good for ranging.
Repeatable Clicks
Great Warranty.

I have the Hawke Sidewinders and think the half mild dot 6.5-20 is one of the best reticles of all time. If only they made this quality level in 1" tube and nixed the lighted reticle it would be perfect.

The Elite 4,200 MD is an amazing scope...and is nearly perfect. I haven't tried the side focus model yet, but I hear they don't range closer than 25 yards. I've yet to buy a 6500...and hear that they fit the bill well.

What else is out there?

I've tried the 1" Hawke SR12 6-18 and a Map6 4-12 which seem to be so popular...but neither of these have repeatable clicks.

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