Not real sure that gun... (EDIT)

March 24 2012 at 8:34 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to LOL...push it out to at least 50 yards+. 20 yards is nothing

..has a whole lot of use at 50yards (-8 foot pounds), but I understand that any variation in POI at short range is a much more than proportional with added distance.

Is OK with me,,,happens to be 20yards from my back door to the center of a small garden plot and 19 yards to a fig tree, which is where most of the summer action is.

Have worked this kind of 20 yard plot with several guns, why this one doesn't want to show the expected drop (Chairgun predicts a lot more than I'm seeing even at this range..try JSB 8.4gr. at a high of 650 and a low of 580).

While I did not print that target on graph paper, can do an eyeball estimate compared to the white center square's 1/2".


Found the old chart from Steven in NC:

The old-old rule of thumb of about 1/10th an inch per 20fps at 20yards.

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