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March 26 2012 at 12:21 PM

Art Keys  (Login bigwhack416remingtonmagnum)

I'm moving out of PCP and into HW springers. For many reasons. I want to have some quality springer history. I want to develop great spring gun marksmanship skills, (Off hand mainly, then sitting and prone). I love the elegant look of a Irons only rifle. Clean, light ready for anything. I no longer need a 50 yard plus PCP rifle since I only shoot my 17 yard / 25 yard ranges at my home. I have wanted a HW 77 for so very long, but can't really justify the added weight over the HW 50. I plan on extended shooting periods with this rifle, like 100 to 200 pellet shooting sessions at a time. I think the 77 would start to weigh in at that kinda shooting. My planned usages are paper punching, metal silhouettes, minor pest, rabbits, squirrels at distances under 35 yards. Other than more down range energy is the HW77 more accurate in your opinion than the HW50s. I plan on using only Iron receiver/front sights. Any and all comments welcome. OH and if you have a pic of your HW rifle with a receiver sight on it would you mind terribly posting it. Just adds to the enticment and gives me idea's of what to put on it Sight wise.

Thanks everyone.
Art Keys

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