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Probably depends on the rifle

March 26 2012 at 12:47 PM
Nunyabiz1  (Login Nunyabiz1)

Response to Gimmie your thoughts on this:

how its tuned, etc, but I bet there is little difference between the two in accuracy, until you get past 45 yards or so.
One thing you might consider, when you are talking about the "weight" of the rifle you might also consider the "cocking effort" which could likely be more tiring than an extra pound or two, especially when you are talking cocking it 200 times.

I think the HW77 is pushing close to 9 lbs and has around a 35lb cocking effort.

Also for what you are doing it really sounds to me like a FWB 300S would be outstanding, VERY easy to cock, can cock it with one finger, deadly accurate, perfect power between 600-690fps depending on tune for that under 25 yard distance.
If you want the standard spring gun then a FWB 124D is pretty darn hard to beat also.
Cocking effort around 18-20 lbs, weight is about 7 lbs with iron sights and is also deadly accurate and easy shooting for 200+ pellet sessions.

FWB 300S is probably about top O the line as far as "quality springer history" with the FWB 124 close behind.

Of course there are no flies on any HW either.
Again in what you are looking for maybe a HW55 might be slightly more in line?

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