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Re: Shoebox compressor micro review

April 2 2012 at 3:54 PM
Scott  (Login redboat)

Response to Shoebox compressor micro review

Here is what I posted on another forum:

My first time using the Shoebox:

From 2900 psi on a carbon fiber SCOTT SCBA tank (4500 psi/88 cu.ft.) to the cutoff point which was approximately 4400 psi (no need to fiddle) :

1) 2900 - 3900 psi took approximately 3 hours (I had a small leak in the line into the shoebox which I fixed for step #2)
8pm-11pm (sorry I was sleepy and I wanted to give her a break)
2) 3900 - 4400 psi took 2 hours and 40 minutes

I checked the decibels with an app on the iPhone. It is not going to be exact but it is a frame of reference:

Washing Machine inside two car garage on wash cycle = 80db

Shoebox running by itself = 85-90db
Shoebox with the air compressor running (Craftsman 4 Gallon pancake 125hp) = 110db

I set everything up in my kitchen, then checked the noise level outside the sliding glass door from it to the patio = 76db (just the Shoebox) There are lots of trees in the area and it is usually pretty quiet in my neighborhood. Trees and squirrels, but I digress. 10 Feet away from the glass door and you can't even hear it.

Highly recommended!

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