New Sumatra Carbine .25 and a question

April 5 2012 at 8:11 PM

matthew  (Login 1llwill)

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

You guys have seen it before so I will just post one pic to show how huge my Nikko Nighteater looks on it.
Couldn't mount my Hawk Tactical because I have the high rings on it and can't adjust elevation enough.
Scared the crap out of myself on the 1st shot. I knew it was going to be loud and adjusted the power wheel
down (or so I thought). Did not know it went 2 full turns so I shot it on about 3/4 power and got a rude awakening
and some ringing ears. Someone posted it was backyard friendly on low power. That must be a .177 cuz the .25 still
has a good POP on low shooting 31gr. cudas at 300 fps.
On high power, out of the box, it is shooting a 31gr. at 960fps for 63fpe. YEAH BABY! That is why I got this gun
and the uniqueness of it happy.gif
Thanks to Joe 80grit for helping me get it, hope you are enjoying the Royale as much happy.gif

My question is this anyone know where I can get a Foster Quick Fill fitting to replace the Probe fitting??

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