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Actually, John, the basic physics of the spring-piston powerplant...

April 6 2012 at 12:32 PM

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Response to So Steve, you're saying......

...dictate that be the case. For example, consider that, after the piston has moved half the length of the stroke, the compression ratio is only 2:1, producing only about 20-odd psi behind the pellet. That's only about 1/10 of the pressure required to force the pellet to overcome friction and start moving. At the 3/4 point, the pressure is still only ~90psig - still not enough to budge the pellet.

But theory aside, many folks have verified the fact experimentally, including the Cardews (as set forth in "...Trigger to Target") and our own Mike Adams with his accelerometer experments.

This demo summarizes the findings.


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