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Scott in CO ... in case this skips off the page ... answers to your questions.

April 7 2012 at 9:29 AM

Yrrah  (Login Yrrah)

Scott Q. I wonder: do you feel a great difference in the shot cycle of your .25 BSA compared to the Elite?

Some difference but not what I would describe as great. The BSA all up is a pound or so heavier and the stocks are very different. There are subtle differences that I haven't committed to analysis.

Q. Does the BSA have a heavier barrel (would you happen to know the length of the BSA barrel off-hand?)?

The BSA barrel is 15.3 mm / 23.5 inches; the Elite a tad over 14 mm call it 14.1 mm / 23.75 inches.. However the effective length of the ST barrel is say one inch longer due to no internal chamber/ transfer port etc.

Q. Does the ~44fpe cause both rifles to jump similarly? Do both rifles require the same amount of shooter skill and attention to attain precision?

I shoot with the same attention to all important facets with every rifle; but I think there is an undefined difference in the reactions of the two. I'll be at the farm for a week from tomorrow and will pay more attention, but will be spending most available time shooting the 28 fpe BSA Hornet but at 19 fpe.

Q. I'm finding that my .20 rifles at 25 or 26fpe are considerably easier to shoot -the firing cycle is very calm and forgiving compared to the .25. I'm curious if any airgun producing 44fps will simply be more difficult, or if this can be mitigated by adding additional weight to the rifle or perhaps something else?

28 fpe is calmer than 44 fpe. I think I was the first to shoot sub 0.75 inch at 100 yards with the .25 cal (reported here) and there were plenty of Rapids about. I recall many excuses / reports previously to the effect that .25s were inherently less accurate; that more than 35 fpe was too difficult etc. Of course Kings changed things somewhat, but care with shooting is always at the ground floor isn't it?

Q. Also, is your .22 ST barrel the same length as your .25? I would love to know the power and velocity your .22 barrel is producing when installed on your Elite w/out changing any of the settings from your 44fpe in .25.

The .22 barrel is 19 inches/ a little under 50 cm so much shorter. Full rifle is 37 inches bare, no muzzle weight things. I'll try to do a test for .22 power v's .25 power on the same setting this trip Scott. I have not shot the .22 barrel much to date as I have not really got to researching it yet. It is a tack driver at 25 metres and that 50 metre target showed potential.

Q. One last thing: my cocking lever seems to have loosened up a bit now that I have a few hundred pellets through the gun. Its got a bit of vertical slop or wobble that it didn't seem to have at first. Do you know if there is an adjustment for this?

There is a little fine pivot screw that goes down through the receiver and on which the lever pivots. Mine was actually not screwed right home and the lever became loose. You need a tiny screw driver, I think it was a slotted type not Phillips. I screwed it down and no problems. I have had the action apart once and that screw has to be removed to get the lever etc out. Check that screw/ pivot rod.

I think that covers all your questions. I'm glad the tute on barrel R&R was helpful. ..... Best regards Scott until I return about Tuesday week .... Lots of enjoyable physical work to do up at the farm. First will be mowing, then getting the chainsaw and axe out for winter wood.etc. ..... Best regards, Harry.

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