The toughest airgun hunting I have ever done

April 7 2012 at 2:02 PM
Chip Smith  (Login csdilligaf)

I've hunted with my airguns for 40 years now. The last few years I have became a paper puncher and enjoy all the animals I have seen in my yard, Bobcat, wild turkey and some type of pigeons the size of chicken and even the southern california flea bag ground squirrel. I gave them all a pass.
But the gophers are my new sport. Its so bad that my dogs will fall in a tunnel and sprain a leg when running in the yard. Lucky I work at home in the shop and have an elevated view of the lower level. I've found the mornings to be the best activity time. I've got a spotting scope and Rapid .22 30 ftlbs set up on bags all the time ready to go. I pan the area frequently and watch for movement. I swear its just like the cartoons. There will be a little weed or grass start to twitch and then suck done into the ground. When the hole starts to get bigger you see some fresh dirt come up and eventually he pops his head up. You've got to be fast and ready.
I rarely get a full head shot. They are quick. Its sort of a mini version of praire dogging. Only these buggers dont sit pretty for you. And the slow pace may just be the best thing for my health. I havent had a day off in months but this sure is relaxing. I can get one or two a day. but the smile last all day.

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