The old caliber debate........22 or .20 for Huntsman XL

April 8 2012 at 7:37 PM

Derek  (Login Stealth_Warrior)

Hey guys. I think I'm going to get a Huntsman XL for my next gun. I was going to go with a Verminator but I just love the classic lines and looks of the Huntsman and I just can't get it out my head. I've seen the results for the .22 caliber and I've been quiet impressed. 28-29 FPE and a really nice shot count with that Harper valve system. However I've always been one to go against the grain a bit and the .20 caliber has me intrigued. I know a lot of folks will argue that a .20 caliber might be a poor choice as there isn't huge pellet selection. However I've done some research of my own and the huge amounts amounts of pellets available for .177 and .22s are the ones we don't shoot anyways. I mean who actually shoots a Beeman Laser in a hunting rifle or the silver arrows, or ram jets or the many types of Skenco and Gamo pellets. I guess what I'm wondering is if the .20 caliber will be cool enough to warrant another $50. I'm so up in the air about this one, probably one of the tougher caliber choices I've had to make..mostly cause I've never owned an $1100 air rifle. Yesterday I was feelin the .22 today I'm all about the .20. I already know the .22 is dead accurate, I'm assuming the additional $50 is for a different barrel so will the .20 be just as accurate. I suppose I'm just after data and facts. Does any of you Huntsman guys own the .20, if so I'd really look forward to any informartion you can provide about it. Thanks for any input fellas.

Semper Fi,

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