New MCT .25 - question for those who have purcahsed MCT's recently

April 9 2012 at 12:50 PM
Jeff D  (Login jcdx25)

I've never been one to chase power in an airgun and I know this one is not high on power scale for .25's but man does this one put a smile on my face. What a difference, everthing else I own is between 6 and 20fpe.

Windy as heck all weekend and I still managed to "zero" a scope (more on that below) and shoot a tin of pellets between unpacking and family stuff. Quarter sized qroups 75% of the time, at 50y, in the wind we had yesterday afternoon seems very promising.

Now... the real reason for the post...

For those who have aquired MCT's out of the recent shipments (mines from the most recent), I'm wondering if you had any issues with scope/bore alignment. Here's my story.

While patiently waiting for a full charge on the battery, I found and unpacked my Hawke and rounded up what I thought was a decent set of rings. Got everything mounted but was still waiting on the battery so I was killing time cleaning up the garage.

From where I was in the garage I had an almost direct view down barrel to the scope and after several glances I decided that something didn't look right. I wish I had taken a pic. The barrel and scope were clearly pointing different directions.

Pulled the scope off the rings and put them aside. I'll check them later. Pulled the scope/rings off a different rifle and put them on the .25. Scope wasn't pointing to the right anymore but I was still skeptical. In hindsight, while these rings may be trash they may have highlighted a real problem.

Stepped through my zeroing process and ran out of "up" with pellet impact 10 inches low at 50 yards.

Left the 2nd set of rings in place. Pulled that scope and put the Hawke back on. Got closer but still ran out of "up" with inches left to go.

Then I did something I'm going to regret the rest of the week. I pulled the scope off my FT Rifle. I did this for a few resons though. It's an MCT (same action ect..), it's in a BKL Mount (not bragging on BKL but this mount is as true as I've needed)and with the expander screw I can take the whole assembly on/off as a unit and finally.

Nope! still a couple inches low and now I have a scope to set up from scratch before the FT shoot this coming weekend!

The good news is, I shot it like this and managed quarter sized groups while aiming between mildots in some pretty heavy wind.

Anyone else have simialr issues recently? Something getting tweaked on one rifle is going to happen to all manufacturers, I guess I'm trying to rule out a production issue with recent runs.
If I send this back it's going to be for another of the same, unless this a bigger problem.

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