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April 9 2012 at 1:51 PM
DaveG  (Login DaveG)

If you have been following recently, I have been struggling a little with trying to achieve results that made me feel like I was headed in the right direction. I mentioned that I wasn't getting the results that I had wanted, or even expected during my recent round of Smooth Twist barrel testing. At first I suspected the barrels I got in this recent batch. Then I questioned my ability to produce an action that would work reliably enough to be able to tell. I questioned my scopes, I questioned the pellets, etc...

I wrote that I was re-working my way through everything trying to chase it down. It was suggested that maybe I was just chasing my tail, and that the results would not come no matter how much effort I put into it... and there were days that I suspected they might be right. Just to keep things even keeled, I tried and tested with other brands of barrels, and found that I wasn't really seeing results from them that indicated that I might be at fault, as they failed pretty dismally to show me the results I knew them capable of as well.

I posted this first pict of the new rings I went through the trouble of cutting to work a new scope that I had gotten in -

[linked image]

I said I had a short test session that started producing the type of results that had me feeling that I was indeed headed in the right direction.

Well, this morning while the air was still quite calm here, I set everything up again, and did some shooting at a measured 40 yards. The gun is set up to shoot JSB 18.1's right at 879fps, and the chrony let me know that the reg I have installed keeps everything in about a 6 to 8 fps spread throughout my fill range.

Fresh tins of the gray labeled JSB 18.1's at the ready did this for me-

[linked image]

I also tried the AA 18gr pellets that I got in last week, and got this-

[linked image]

These are not the only two cards that I shot, but a random sample of the results I got this morning. Now, these are results I can live with. I added up all the groups I shot with JSB 18.1's and got on average 5 shot groups that measured .256" ctc. The AA's did just a hair better at .2426". Odd thing is, that based on the .25" white center of each target, I felt that it was more predictable placing a single shot right smack in the middle using the JSB's over the course of a card. On the bottom center target of the second card, where it says JSB 18.1, that is @ 10 shots, and were taken after shooting the AA pellets. I noticed right away that the first several shots after switching pellets were all over the place as compared to where I started. After 10 or 15 shots things settled back into where I thought they should be. I have seen this before when switching manufacturers, but never before when using pellets that come from under the same roof... Odd.

I did some shooting at 75 yards as well. The breeze had started to pick up by the time I moved out that far, but I did see promising results that were better than anything I punched last week. When it was still, I got many shots touching, but inevitably the breeze would pick up during a string, and I was in too much of a hurry to wait for it to die back down...

The breeze is up now, as we have weather starting to move in that is supposed to have us cold and breezy for the next couple of days. I have to wait till things calm down again to get some BR targets set up out there at 27 yards, but am feeling MUCH more confident now than I was a week ago.

See more picts @

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