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April 10 2012 at 9:54 AM
jc  (Login jacse)

Response to semi auto meets Raccoon [video]

I did take a well first placed shot. Watch the video. It was a heart/lung shot. Thing was probably already dead after the first shot. I just had the semi-auto capability, so I used it.. My markmanship may have been bad after that first shot for several reasons. First, my gun weighed upwards of 11 pounds with my sony handicam Mounted. Second, a member posted that this is equilavant to me being startled in the jungle and reacting by spraying, I can tell you... It was very similar! these coons were about 15 yards out in front of me. There are like 5 of them coming at me. This was my first time shooting a coon and in the dark. my heart was pounding.

Let me set it straight. this is for those who said i didn't hit him with the first shot and for those who agree semi-auto is fine but my shooting was bad. I just watched my video at 25% speed. First shot was the shot that rendered it dead. hit him right below his head, burying his face into the ground. 2nd and 3rd shot would have hit him in vital areas, probably in the head down to the heart and lungs, but if you take a look at the video, he switched directions, no longer was he continuing in his original path, he suddenly started headed towards me right before the first shot was fired. He continued to move back and forth, and my shots hit him in the hind leg twice and once in his lower front shoulder. I have frame by frame capability, so i can see clearly where those shots hit.

Let me ask you guys this. Is it okay for Ted to shoot semiauto with the revolution into a flock of flying birds? (Ted, love your videos.)

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