I know everyone has an opinion about GAMO but....?

April 10 2012 at 2:05 PM
Sean in NC  (Login Bigbuddha74)

I sure am happy with everyones suggestions, and am having a blast with my P-17 and 953, as well as I finally got my IZH53M sighted in (after a little dremel work :P ). My next question is about GAMO. My neighbor has a nice little garden every year, and always struggles with pest birds, rabbits, and squirrels. I am reluctant to try and shoot them with any of the three above guns, as they dont have the knockdown power needed for rabbits and squirrels, or the larger birds. Since we live in the city, my powder burners are out of the question, so I was looking for an alternative means of dispatching those critters. My maximum shooting distance would be @25 yds, so I feel a .177 would work fine, but since I primarily hunt paper, I need some opiniions on what to get. I have seen the GAMO Bigcat locally for @ 130.00 bux, but I have a hard time spending that If I can achieve the same thing out of a Daisy 880 from Wally world for a third of the cost. Is the Gamo worth it, as in, will it last a while? It certainly wont get shot very much. What say you fine folks?


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