JSB 14.3gr .22 pellets just under 1/2 bad?!?

April 11 2012 at 9:40 PM
Tom  (Login Tacoma_Tom)

I opened up a new tin and started noticing bad skirts right off the bat. 20 or 30 shots later, I moved on to something else. I didn't shoot the bad ones through the rifle.
I expected more from a name like JSB with such a high reputation. Tonight, I sorted out the good from the bad. Nothing scientific here, just looked at each skirt and sorted them out. (By weight) I have 277 good pellets to 202 bad. Looks like I shot or threw out around 20 before I got frustrated. Now, I know there's such a thing as a pellet sizer but sizing around 215 out of 500 pellets sounds more to me like quality control issues at the factory.
While sorting out 480 pellets I took a look at the label. It says "CAREFULLY selected." HA!
Well, they've been carefully selected now anyway!

Have any of you run into this with these type and weight of pellet to this extent? (JSB Diablo Exact Jumbo Express 0,930g CAL.22 5.5mm 500 quantity)

When I sorted through them ANY imperfection at all would be tossed into the imperfect pile. These ranged from the very bad with crushed and wobbly skirts to not bad at all with an almost unnoticeable dent. If I only took out the really bad ones my numbers would be (i'm guessing) 100 out of the tin, maybe less. That would be 15 to 20% needing resizing per tin.
Any thoughts?
I won't be purchasing those particular pellets again.

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