Those particular stocks ?...... I Would Expect So ! =^D

April 12 2012 at 7:17 PM
Heywood  (Login HW3)

Response to Very tempting but I wonder if the custom stock would help its value

1st. off I see those no different from the select few in house stocks offered by Robert Law back in the day, although some of those were pretty nice (Jim offers that pattern as well). Second the design parameters are still authentic with minor improvements !

I continue to be amazed & occasionally (O.K. Frequently) disgusted in the ability of some air gunners to look a gift horse in the mouth ? I've costed the price break down on those 3X, and bearing in mind that we produce gunstocks it's my considered opinion that J.M is and Always Was way...WAaay Too Generous !

$15.00 for the butt pad ($0.00 for installation...WTH ?)
$35.00 for finish/Labor (-$8.00/$12.00 for Oil...AGAIN WTH ?)
$45.00 for Checkering 2 panels bare minimum
$25.00 bare Minimum for shop time/labor to cut the pattern (and the inletting IS Precise)
$15.00 for shop expense/materials.

That leaves $60.00 for the blank and the only reason he can even do that is the volume of walnut he deals in (Mind you it's actually harder to source #1/#2 Walnut).

There's no profit built into those stocks. Jim Still has a Large & Loyal following and he offers those stocks for "Them" anyone else who happens to have the good sense to buy one is merely riding the wake !

In the time it took to read this post you could have actually ordered one. ;^)

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