I have tried all suggestions including the extra lubricant

April 16 2012 at 11:16 AM
Paul  (Login pmod)

Response to Please allow me to make my point clearer, Paul. It's simply this.

and as I look back at my last post "Nuff said from the designer..."; I can see my irony was not so clear to my own fault. When I made the suggestion of you creating a disclosure for your products, my list was actually all the things I have gone through and the feedback I have received from the designer [you] regarding backing up a product that does not work on my rifle and on the rifles of some other customers.

I should have been clear letting you know that before that post I did try 3 in 1 oil in the rear of the pressure tube around the trigger and testing the cocking of the gun [set @.432" otherwise I cannot load the pellet click because of the blocking from the bolt push forward from the HDD]. Perhaps it was slightly less friction along the stroke of the bolt but nonetheless the cocking result was still the same; extremely difficult.

Next I proceeded to disassemble the rifle for like the 12th time [might I reference back to "drop in, no modifications" comment in the HDD product description], cleaned the light oil as well as possible and used Moly D around the trigger, lightly in the tube, and re-coated the sides and top of HDD. I then put the rifle back together and did notice less friction drag in the bolt but still the same high force build up and lack of cocking in the last ~3/8" of travel of the bolt. Also, I would wish to add that though light oil has been mentioned as the best option I think the Moly D is better because of its nature for anti seize/gall reduction and low coefficient of friction qualities which light oil can just not match in metal to metal applications. The added off axis loading on the trigger from the HDD was better normalized with the Moly D. Consider this to be included in your installations instructions...at the least.

Steve, to be as clear as possible I can say that you are so lucky that the members on this forum have so readily spent so many hours getting a "Drop In" device to work; it is really a tribute to their love for the sport and their perseverance...I wish my customers were so amenable. Furthermore, what concerns me most is your customary inference in your responses regarding customer issues that the problems experienced getting the HDD to work has more to do with shortcomings of the Marauder design or manufacturing than the mismatch of the HDD geometry and the new off axis loads it induces on the bolt and trigger. For example, 1) the issue with the trigger assembly that works great up and until the HDD is installed then somehow has slid forward, 2) the pellet clip that no longer loads from being blocked by the bolt in the breech opening, 3)the lubrication in a gun that cocks extremely smooth and repeatable stock, but has inadequate lubricant after the installation of the HDD, 4) the travel of the bolt that cocks and loads a pellet rapidly as stock, now becomes stiff and extremely hard to draw back and latch just after the HDD is installed.

My point is perhaps a change of tone may improve customer issue resolution, which might make the customers feel less like they have a bum Marauder and more like, "There are changes and modifications that may need to be implemented to make the HDD perform as it was intended." In the mechanical design engineering field of which I am involved, the best designers acknowledge and address the shortcomings, discuss resolution ['to er is human'], and fix the issue without regrets, embarrassment, or loss of pride...simply because creating is difficult and accepting the need for revisions makes addressing the issue easier. Without any reservations whatsoever, I will say that there is an issue with the geometry of the HDD and it can be improved so the cocking issue will be less common. "Drop In" means just that; no changes required, no additional obstructions created, and functions close to "like stock" and performance will be improved.

I almost feel as though all these "real" issues are being looked over or somehow hidden and not disclosed instead of just addressing the customer with the facts up front. All you need is a couple extra lines in the product description and then the buyer will be better informed. Yes it is a tweak but the industry has many tweaks that are truly drop in and do not require such substantial time, effort, and uncertainty. Imagine if I purchased this device and did not have internet access...hard to imagine but possible.

It is so unfortunate my support issues had to go this route; but if you would have just started out the discussion addressing the possibility that the HDD requires much more tweaking than drop in and there are possible mechanical obstructions that may not be fixed without physical modification; I would have better understood what I was getting into installing this device and better respected your support approach.

Perhaps, if anything this forum discussion will address your sole sentence in my original lengthy email [dialog might I add] regarding my issues when you said and I quote you. "Please post your question on the Yellow forum, so you can get the benefit of many minds and points of view." Many hours later I am more informed but nonetheless here with an HDD that does not work as if was claimed. I feel that if what I learned was disclosed up front I would not be here with this device not working and with the uneasy feeling of having to go this route to address my issue; truly an unsatisfactory customer experience.

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