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April 29 2012 at 12:51 PM
Phil  (Login Duane30)

Response to As has been said, getting a US "utility" patent, which is....

Obtaining the "P.P." status will grant you one year. Some folks use this method to find a buyer of the idea. However, as happened to me and a co-designer of a motor cycle jacket, a company in Texas STOLE our idea after the one year P.P. lifted to then gain a patent for themselves on the product, then they manufactured it themselves. Still making the product to this day. Bastards. If you are wondering, the jacket is an inflatable jacket that runs on Co2 cartridges activated via ripcord when the rider is ejected from the motorcycle. The idea is this: Pockets inflate with the gas giving a boundry area between tissue and the exterior of the jacket. Pockets in the neck region keep the head and neck vertabrae in alighnment. Essntially, the major cause of death due to motorcycle accidents is blunt-force trauma. When the jacet underwent DOT testing, the jacket gave an increase of 35% protection from blunt force trauma to speeds of 120mph, rider weighing 160lbs. A ballistic vest of sorts, if you will. Lower speeds, the protection is higher.

A dear friend of mine is a patent attorney, she made the process for us a breeze and waived many fees to help us out. When speaking to her about the idea, she fully warned us that companies often will steal ideas once the pending process ends. Totally legal it is, and happened to us.

"The majority of things in our lives are created by folks no smarter than the rest. Afterall, the world is comprised, and operated by C average people intellctually, academically, and morally. These people are often the great pioneers that set the precedent for what excellence should be."

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