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Oh, we explored and ventured the idea...

April 29 2012 at 3:30 PM
Phil  (Login Duane30)

Response to Exactly

All the design, material, research, everything was conducted by us alone. Prototypes, we used existing sport bike jackets as a platform for our own testing. For the final presentable prototype, we submitted our own jacket. All the stitching was done by my mom, whom is a master at such. No leather, a composite layered material made out of Kevlar and some other Dupont materials. Stitching thread was also Kevlar. Not a bullet proof item, but strong.

We had six people, family and friends, to invest as venture capitalists. My mom's input was her hand at stitching and assembly of the product. Our attorney, a friend, gave us a great deal of her time at no charge. Only because she believed in it a great deal, of course.

In the end, we, the "inventors" were out a few grand of our own money and the waste of our belivers' time and some of their money. Was a fun, fast learn of how the 'business' is...

You can find the jacket online if you look around. The sick thing is, the company making it and selling it claims to be the "inventor". What B.S.! But, they are allowed to do so. Forgot to mention, we had some tests conducted using Entela to support DOT claims. Conducting multiple tests by reputable companies/agencies is a good thing for the product. I believe there are currently three companies making the jacket. The company in question has an operation in Texas, but their head office is out of Japan, I think.

We were diligent. A company with money and an attorney TEAM to boot can pretty much get things done overnight. Hell, all the R&D was done for them. We presented all the stuff the the company in question, including the DOT testing results. We almost had a niche market converted into a demand market. We didn't fail, just fell victim to the world we live in.

"The majority of things in our lives are created by folks no smarter than the rest. Afterall, the world is comprised, and operated by C average people intellctually, academically, and morally. These people are often the great pioneers that set the precedent for what excellence should be."

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