TX200 vs R7 at 50yds. *PICS*

May 4 2012 at 5:43 PM
Greg S  (Login gks3)

TX200 vs R7 at 50yds muzzle to target.

The following is in no way a "which rifle is better" shoot out. I have not shot for a while so I was curious as to which rifle shot better for me at 50yds fully benched. I also did not keep the magnification the same since I use full power when bench shooting for both rifles and they do not have the same optics.

The rifles and pellets. Chrony groups measured with Comp electronics Prochrono Digital 2ft from muzzle. All pellets weighed to .1gr using RCBS scale.

Beeman R7 fully tuned by Rob Hawkins (Maccari innards).
Bushnell Legend 5-15X40 on 15X
Scope rail bubble level
Paul Watts muzzle shroud
Adjustable butt
JSB express 7.8gr. 25 shots.
Max 631fps
Min 616
ES 15
SD 3.58

TX200, Maccari innards, trigger tuned by Rob Hawkins.
Bushnell elite 4200 6-24X40 on 24X
Scope rail bubble level
Adjustable butt
JSB exacts 8.4gr. 25 shots
Max 820
Min 812
ES 8
SD 2.23

It was drizzling most of the time with some light rain so I threw up the Ez-up tent. I always wondered if the rain affected the outcome of groups. I am still uncertain but these groups where below average for me by about 10% even though I now have a new trophy group for the TX200 at 50yds. Last one was .49" ctc using FTS 8.6gr pellets back in 2007 and the new one shot today at .454" ctc.
All groups are 5 consecutive shots with one rifle, then 5 consecutive shots with the other rifle until each rifle had five 5 shot groups. Wind flag was used at 20yds. Rifles shot from bench as shown in the picture.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Target #2 of the TX200 reminded me of a discussion I had with someone at work this week and my opinion of how 3 shot groups, again in my opinion, are crap compared to the story told of 5 shot groups. This has been my observation over the past 6 years and over 14000rds down range. Again, just my opinion, I am NOT an expert what so ever. The discussion started with a firearm magazine claiming a guns capability of ½ MOA from the factory. They listed about 7 different types of ammunition and the rifles group size at 100yds. All where 3 shot groups and they averaged just over an inch shooting a 168grain projectile with varying velocities of 2700-3200fps fully benched. I am not impressed at all. One of my continuing arguments on why air rifles are so amazing!
Using TX200 for comparison.
-Velocity is 1/4 that of this and many firearms.
-BC of pellets are no where near as efficient as projectiles from firearms.
-Weight of pellet is 1/20 of that of these bullets.
-Pellet is still in the rifle barrel and going through 2 stages of recoil while a firearm....not so much if at all.
-Dual recoil.

If I was measuring my groups and only shooting 3 shots, than #2 would measure .178 ctc and that would be amazing. Tight 3 shot groups are not abnormal with my shooting style and rifles. Its the 4th and 5th shots that make the story much more realistic and the average group sizes 4X larger.

I can however, with the rising costs of ammunition see where 3 shot groups may be favored, but not to be used to brag about or be written in a magazine as a selling point for a rifle. I can also see 3 shot groups being favor possibly for hunters that may not even shoot 3 shots at their targets before it is dead (hopefully just one).

Would like your opinion on this. Not trying to stir up anything so if I am wrong, please say so without too much heat ;?)

Any ways, the R7 measured an average of 1.146 ctc.
TX200 measured an average of .898 ctc.

The R7 is much harder to place in the rest and of course the optics do not compareat all with the 4200 on 24X. The TX200 has a wider stock which makes bench shooting MUCH easierfor me at least.

Hope you enjoyed. Shoot safe.

greg in WA

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