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With MY shooting skills a 10 shot group rather than a 5 shot group.........

May 5 2012 at 6:36 AM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

Response to It's the Shooter, Not the Gun

is testing the SHOOTER, not the gun! LOL.....I find it more consistent to shoot TWO five shot groups with a rest period between instead of one 10+ shot group.

Bottom line.....after a couple initial warm-up shots I find that my springers are more consistent than I am! Scan of a target shot years ago hunter class FT style (sittin' on a bucket using cross sticks) with a home tuned .177 R9. Two five shot groups shot with a rest between.......
[linked image]

Matter of fact, I PERSONALLY would prefer shooting a series of three shot groups at one sitting than a single 20 shot group if I was trying to get a handle on the accuracy of my gun.....IF I was measuring the accuracy of the gun instead of the shooter! Fer example.........
[linked image]
15 out of 20 shots inside a 3/4" reducer at 50 yards shot with one of my R9s. Was the "left to right stringing" the result of the gun, shooter, or the wind? I'm bettin' that it was due to all three, and the longer the shot string the less bearing the actual gun has on the result. Fer's a couple three or five shot groups shot consecutively that's the measure of accuracy when shooting a springer!

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