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So a .22 is better than a .177 at longer distance right?

June 10 2012 at 8:07 AM
  (Login dt3)

The above is often stated and generally accepted (by myself as well) however I wonder if anyone has ever really put it to the test.

I know some of you have at least one PCP rifle in each caliber capable of shooting 1/2" or so at 50 yards. Has anyone ever taken these same two rifle with their favorite pellet and shot them side by side at 100 yards to verify our suspicions?

Did the .22 really buck the wind better?

At what distance did the .22 start to show it advantages if indeed it did?

I know that the .22 is going to put more energy on target but that is only important if your a hunter. I am considering buying either a Air Ranger, FX Royale 400, or a Theoben MFR in .22 for long distance shooting, say 100 yard and maybe a little over. However I only want to do so if indeed the .22 has a significant advantage over the .22 in accuracy at these distances.



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