Overlever SSP pistols. A tale of two triggers

June 10 2012 at 1:22 PM
Jim in PGH  (Login 144man)

I recently acquired a Marksman 2004 and a Gamo Compact. Both in mint condition. I'm familiar with both, having owned a first-generation M2004 and a few P17s. And I had a Gamo Compact on extended lend-lease from a friend.

Both guns have awesome accuracy at short range, and both have decent triggers as they come.

Robert Dean was kind enough to share with me the secret to the Gamo Compact trigger, which is simply a longer adjustment screw. This adjusts the amount of sear engagement, so one must proceed cautiously. But I have managed to make my trigger ALMOST as nice as that of the famed IZH46. It has an almost imperceptible amount of travel, yet is still safe enough to withstand a decent knock of the butt against a hard surface. (I tested it extensively, once I established the unsafe limit.) It is now one of those thought-triggers. There is still a slight false first stage, then some resistance, then a clean break, with zero overtravel. AWESOME. However, given the teetering brink I have it set to, I would not loan this one out without backing the screw out a half turn or so.

For the Marksman 2004, I followed BBGun Bob's instructions. I removed the trigger itself, and back-drilled the adjustment screw hole with a 9/64 drill. This too must be done with caution. If you drill too deep, you will drill out all the threads. You need to go JUST deep enough to remove the shoulder that the setscrew bottoms out on. This allows you to take the first stage out completely, so just the right amount of finger pressure gives you a clean break.

Currently, both triggers are VERY much to my liking. Interestingly, accuracy is almost a dead heat for me. Surprising given the fact that the Compact is worth 4-5X the Marksman. They both have similar power, which is to say, not much. But they are both ideal basement shooters. I am not a very accomplished handgun shooter, but with this pair, I find myself practicing quite a lot.

Given the choice between the two, my nod would have to go to the Gamo, due to superior ergonomics and easier cocking/charging. Also, the Gamo has superior sights. Less likely to move around, and the adjustable notch width is something I never thought I would need, until I had it. Now I wish the M2004 had it as well.

As a dedicated vintage spring rifle shooter, I am enjoying the hell out of these two SSP handguns. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get good at it!

I think we're all Bozos on this bus.

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