Rear focus parallax adj vs Side focus...

June 17 2012 at 9:53 PM

Derek  (Login Stealth_Warrior)

Probably going to buy a SWFA SS 10x42 as opposed to the Hawke Sidewinder Tac 30 10x42mm. I'm interested to hear from folks that have tried both of these scopes and what you prefer. I can get SS for about 300 with rear focus. This brings up another issue. I've never used a scope with rear focus parallax adjustment and it seems like it'd be a pretty good thing, as side focus you sometimes still have to get off target to focus if the rifle is heavy. The main reason I ask this is there is about a $100 price diff between **** with side focus over the rear focus. At this point I'm trying to decide bewtween 3 scopes...

1) 10x42 SS with rear focus - $300
2) 10x42 SS with side focus - $400
3) Hawke 10x42 side focus - $360 or so

I've heard some things about hawkes getting blurry. The SS seems to be a well balanced scope. The scope is going on a Huntsman XL so I have no concern of airgun ratings. Looking forward to yall's opinons and thoughts.

Semper Fi,

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