Here is where the FULL-AUTO comes into Play

June 23 2012 at 3:16 PM

Nomadic Pirate  (Login manny6666)

My Landloard came Back from Vegas for a 6 weeks vacation, the guy is a Gun nut ( Ex Military )

He's being impressed before by the Sumatras and Big Bores,....but Boy you had to see Him when I shot and got Him to shoot in Semi first and than Full Auto, never seen a 65 year old smile so much happy.gif and than run get the neighbor, an other gun nut,...the 2 guys where just laughing and having a great time shooting the MAX ( with me doing the pumping sad.gifsad.gif )

and Planning how the get the wives to agree spending that kind of money for a Pellet gun happy.gifhappy.gif

Pricless happy.gifhappy.gif

Dragon Claw .50 "Tuned"
DAQ Outlaw .452
Career 707 Ultra "Black Mamba" .357 "Tuned"
Career 707 Ultra .357
MAX .25
Career 707 III Carbine .25
Sumatra Carbine .25
Sumatra Carbine .22
AR6 Pistol .22
Walther Talon NP .25
Hatsan Torpedo 100 x .22 "Tuned"
Trail NP XL .22 "Tuned"
RWS 34 .22
Nitro Venom .22
Hunter Sport .177 "Tuned"
Hunter 220 .177

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