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Anyone tried a 2G Vortek kit on an R9/HW95 yet or Maccari HP kit?

June 23 2012 at 6:33 PM
Jason  (Login jasmlowe)

Just acquired another HW95, this time in .22cal and was getting ready to put a tune kit in it. I already have a R9 .20cal with a Maccari kit and Vortek piston seal and breech seal. Its shooting 700fps with 14.3 CP's and very smooth. I also have a R9 .177cal with just a Maccari kit shooting 13.8 foot pounds and very smooth as well. I am looking for a little more power in the .22cal version, but I don't want to compromise smoothness or have excess recoil. This HW95 .22cal is already shooting 15.5 foot pounds, which is very good for a stock gun. I know Maccari has a high power kit, but I have not heard anything yet on it as well. To me the R9 is the ideal size springer. I own a lot of pcp's so if I want huge power I will just shoot one of them. I know guys have already posted 18 foot pounds in .22cal with standard Vortek kit, and I would be happy with that, but I am always curious about new things.
Thanks for any input,
Jason Lowe

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