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124 freehanded shooting....and grouping..a lesson in unforgivingness...

July 2 2012 at 11:14 PM

Dutch  (Login Dutch.22)

I got my safety repaired by Dave Slade when I presented the rifle to him back in Oct and picked it up at the GOB. Anyways I decided to switch from cpl to 8.4 jsb's. I have an old school beeman starlight 2-7X scope. I love the combo. While I cant get every shot in a dime @ 30 yards...I can get a bunch in there if I shoot enough pellets...and still keep the wanderers well with in 1.25".

Shooting this rifle is a challenge as its unforgiving if you don't do your part. I did another session tonite and couldn't get a group to settle. Its all about the hold. Its all about doing everything the same.

I got bored and switched to free handed shooting. I started shooting at a 1.25" killzone. And while I didn't know it down every time @ 35 yards...I did manage to kill it a handful of times... and each handful shot occurance...the shot felt real good.

I am going to hunt some squirrels this year with this combo. I am planning on keeping within 20-25 yards max. Perhaps alittle closer. Springers don't shoot the same when you aim high. This I will be practicing on the walnuts...from my black walnut tree....

anyways I hope all is well...and keep on shooting..


Self proclaimed shootinist sumbitch...there ever was almost!!
Its hard bein shootinst sum bitch...welp not its not.
started @ 227 compressor fills in 6/22/08
180 compressor fills and I have broke even
And aaain't it grrreaaat to be livinnn in the USA.
I never whacked a pigeon, starling, or sparrow that didn't deserve it!!!
1544 and countin....on pigeons..
starling count started 14--

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