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Got my Chinese Beeman SS2 today

July 3 2012 at 12:12 AM

VPilot  (Login VPilot)

A couple weeks ago there was a thread about this scope being available on ebay and lots of opinions were offered about it. I found it for under $70 plus shipping and at that price it was too good to pass up on the gamble. Today it arrived and I must say, other than the box being for an "Everbright 4x21" scope, it looks really good - FOR THE MONEY. Frankly, I've owned a Barska 4x21 for a couple years now and absolutely love it. This scope looks like it came out of the same factory.

On the plus side, it has an identical reticle to the Barska. I find it clear and very useful. Secondly it has the built it mounts which significantly lower the scope compared to the offset leapers mount I have to use with the Barska (See Pic for comparison). Also, the built in mounts save money since the Barska and this scope use a 30mm tube - meaning most of us have to buy a special set of rings to use them otherwise.

On the negative side, the Blue Ribbon band appears to be taped on, albeit very nicely. It also does not have the set of pins to vary the width of the mount like the original Beeman SS Scopes did. Those original scopes came with a variety of pins that changed the width of the mount's feet to match the scope rail it was to be used on. This scope has the same design as the original and one set of pins in it. It can accommodate a variety of pins like the original but none are included.

Having always favored smaller, lighter scopes for field use, I was looking forward to this Beeman and cannot wait to try it out on a rifle. All and all I would like this scope even if it did not say "Beeman" on it and I doubt I'll be disappointed - especially when the money is considered. I can see good cause to order a couple more for personal use in the near future.


[linked image]

[linked image]

Beeman on top. Barska 4x21 in Leapers offset mount below.
[linked image]

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