HA-HA-HA-HATSAN... jokes on me?!

July 6 2012 at 10:02 PM

gino e  (Login ginoe)

.177 mod25 supercharger arrived today. thank you PA for a plain, nondescript looking packaging happy.gif

comes in a nice cardboard box describing all the features. inside was the pistol, manual, cocking assist & a plastic baggie containing a small allen key "for trigger adjustment" HA

tested 3 different types & weights of pellets through the chrony. i tested  before & after the goo-gone-patch cleaning. it took about a dozen patches to clear out the gunk. crosman dome 10.5gr; 535fps, 6.68fpe.  gamo masterpoint  7.85gr; 695fps, 8.43fpe. crosman wadcutters 7.4gr; 670fps, 7.41fpe. Cool - its close to the advertised 700fps.

strange, the 10.5gr pellets increased in both fps & fpe after cleaning but the other two pellets decreased on fps & fpe after cleaning. those gamo pellets were the worst i've ever seen, all the skirts had extra 'hangnail' lead.

WOW! what a bear it was to cock this thing, even with the assist mounted. it's getting a little easier as i go, hopefully it wont be as tough. during testing, at about the 30 pellet mark; the pistol would not cock! damn, now this is no time to joke sad.gif HA

took it apart & lubed the appropriate areas & really lubed up the carrier of the XRS RRS so it slides really easily now - all is well, it cocks as it should.

 i noticed the rear sight elevation adjuster kept moving from its' initial setting. i had it on 0, cock the pistol, shoot and would move to 3 or whatever. sometimes it stays put, sometimes not - i would always have to keep a constant eye on it to make sure. when I finished with the chrony testing, i began sighting it in at 5meters. if i did not pay attention, the elevation adjuster would wander on its own. once i forgot to check & clearly missed the paper target & over the target trap hitting the scrap plywood i use as additional backup. i used a strip of black electrical tape to keep the adjuster from wandering. HA

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

now that i've got it hitting what i aim at, time to fiddle with the adjustable trigger. armed with the allen key, i noticed my pistol does not have allen bolts but regular flat head screws HA-HA-HAAA jokes on me sad.gif

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

anyways, I adjusted it as far as the screw would go to get the the least travel & pull. it ain't no hair trigger but its light-years better than the walmart ruger mk1 trigger. at 5meters I can hit what I aim at, after a few tins i'm hoping it will improve.

WOW this thing is loud! i usually shoot indoors but took it outside to the backyard to see if I could snipe some flys or some dandelions. nothing out there so i just kept hitting one of those plastic orange gatorade bottle caps until there was nothing left of it.

i'm glad i got it, so far only 250 pellets through it but it's been giving me good laughs.

[edit: clearer pictures]

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