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Spring buzz acceptability

July 12 2012 at 2:23 PM
Thomas  (Login TK171)

This week has been difficult finding time to shoot  between getting sleep and working the 4 to 3 am night shift. I have managed to get some break in time with my new FWB Sporter. But two things have got my mind in constant thought. One is the amount of acceptable spring buzz the rifle is putting out when fired. It isn't anything near as bad as a stock raw chinese Crosman Quest, but having other well tuned and buzz free springers has made me a bit of a shot cycle snob. Which by the way, the Sporter has a very nice firing cycle and is shooting re-branded JSB Falcon 13.4 grainers at around 680 fps, but the buzz has got to go.Neiyther my other two Sporters seem o suffer this affliction.  So do I cheat and shrink tube the rear guide, remove the Everest kit and reinstall an OEM spring, or try the old school kit?!? From a money stand point, the shrink tube seems the most economical route to take. But what size and brand would work best?? Is there an ideal post install thickness.

The only other issue I am haveing is the trigger adjustment screw won't stay snug at the adjustment I like, and fits loose in the blade. Been thinking of adding a spring on the under side of the e-clip in the blade, but there spacing is rather limited in that area, and I don't really want to teflon tape or loctite the threadings. I have even thought of a custom trigger adjustment screw employing a set of springs in the long slot of the blade to give both negative and positive forces to keep the adjustment in the exact same place. Yes I know I could just drop another $70 on a Macarri blade, but the factory blade works just fine if I could only keep it set to the adjustment.

Any thoughts on these two issues?? TIA,

Theoben H.E. Gas Rams,..Shock the system!!!

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