Baracuda Hunter Extreme .25 & MAX

July 12 2012 at 4:16 PM

Nomadic Pirate  (Login manny6666)

This, like all H&N ammo is a very nicely made pellet.

I had high hopes for it to shoot well out of My MAX, But, it isn't the case unfortunatly, not even as accurate as the Baracuda, so we stay with the Benjamin Dome as the to go Hunting pellets and I think I'm done with the pellet search for this gun, the Benjamin shoots extremely well and I'm very happy with it,...and got 20 tins from Pyramyd to happy.gifhappy.gif

The one funky thing that happened with the Baracuda Hunter Extreme is that I had MissFires, checked if the magazine was suddenly gone wrong by shooting Benjis, but not, tryed again and had more missfires, very puzzling, have no idea why, never had Missfires with EunJins, Baracuda, Benjamins, H&N Hollowpoints, Predators and H&H FTT, have absolutely no clue why that happens.

Guess I'll have to test them in my Sumatra and Career, happy.gifhappy.gif ....Problem is, I don't shoot any of my Other guns anylonger !! sad.gifsad.gif ....Dang, since getting the MAX that's all I want to shoot sad.gifsad.gif

"Almost None Knows the Keen sense of Satisfaction Which Comes from Taking Game with their Own Homade Weapons"

-Jay Massey-

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