classic 10m rifle or T200/S200?

July 12 2012 at 4:24 PM
Jan Vandenberg  (Login batguano)

Hi, folks. I think I'd like to procure a counterpoint to the top-heavy, overgrown-scope-having mrod that I use for most of my FT shooting and plinking. Something with iron sights, a good trigger, good ergonomics, and of course great accuracy. Something that I can do a lot of offhand practice with, where I can focus on my technique rather than a spotty chin-weld.

I reckon I could hardly go wrong with a classic 10m rifle like a 300S or LGR. Right?

Then again, maybe it wouldn't hurt to get something light enough for my eight-year-old to shoot. I already have PCP infrastructure, so based on rave reviews around here, maybe the AA T200 would be a good lighter-weight choice? (or an AA S200 or CZ 200S plus target sights)

Any advice on this? I've almost never shot any of these rifles.

Safe assumption that the T200/S200/200S have very good trigger, ergo, and accuracy, but that the classic 10m rifles are better still? Safe assumption that the factory target sights on the old FWBs and Walthers are "better" in some way than the AA/CZ sights?

Sorry if this is a whacky apples/oranges question. I bet the answer is "all the above", so maybe my question is "which should I try first?"



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