I LOVE pump guns by nature...I am by NO MEANS trying to shoot this down

August 7 2012 at 9:23 AM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)

Response to Multi-Pump Conversion of MP 46 M by Innova USA

lemmie say that from the start....in fact, I am saving money up for one of these happy.gif

Hence my questions....

Accuracy.....it is tossed around here alot that match type guns have match barrels and that thier twist rates are matched to a velocity range that seems to usually run in the 450-550 fps range.
Have you noticed that velocity is affected either postitively or negatively at 7-8 pumps?
If it has been affected adversely, have you tried to counter that with heavier pellets?

It stand to reason, if pumping effort is increased/gets harder...then the stress on the pump arm and pivots is greater.

Have any measures been taken to reinforce this? My Steroid comes to mind...I bought one with the billet arm, so that the wear-n-tear will be miniminzed/controlled.
Also, will the rest of the gun hold up to this? I am guessing the grip is where you hold the gun to pump....is the material/fastening hardware up to enduring 8xtimes the friction, and most likely 2-3 times the stress per shot?

Again, not seeking to tear this down....in fact quite the opposite. Pondering spending what I consider a large amount of money, and just want to weigh pros and cons....
IF it is built like any other typical Rusky arm, probably wont make a difference.

Do your instructions include a "revised/beefed-up" maintenance regieme?

Thanks for your patient replies, and God's blessings,


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