I assumed you maybe didn't have a 100 yard range immediately handy and wanted to walk onto

August 7 2012 at 6:46 PM

Yrrah  (Login Yrrah)

Response to Do I have to adjust my elevation knob to hit at 5.5y?

a 100 yards range later with your rifle already very close to being sighted in.
Hence the 5.5 yards manoeuvre that I described.

The sight setting is very close to the same for 5.5 yards and 100 yards. Zeroed at approx 5.5 yards you will also be zeroed at approx 100 yards. So yes; if you are presently sighted in for a zero of say 20, 30, 40, 50 etc yards you will have to raise the sight with the elevation knob in order to hit the POA at approx 5.5 and 100 yards. The pellet will pass up through the sight line at 5.5 yards and drop back through the sight line at 100 yards approx ( with your current rifle's ballistics ). Give or take according to those unknown to me other factors.

As I wrote though there may be a tad of fine tuning required because I could not factor in some variables that you didn't supply and which could make a tad of difference.

If on the other hand you have a 100 yards range immediately available, then by all means do as others suggested and just sight in at 100 yards. From a zero of let's say 50 yards, you will need to raise the sight approx 15 MOA to get into the ball park.

The most precise shooting to actually hit targets at any range can be done by having your rifle sighted to zero at that particular range and without guessing hold-over or hold-under.
If you have further questions just ask and I will keep an eye on this post ....... Kind regards, Harry.

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