Recommendation to fix your Shoebox: You ... and "Tom"

August 9 2012 at 2:14 PM

Ron Baumann  (Login canblaster)

I own an older 4500 psi Shoebox compressor (#251) that I had to "stand in line" for months to purchase when they first started taking orders for them. Just last week it began showing signs of advancing age (or so I thought) with its automatic shutoff point dropping down to around 3500 psi. I emailed the tech support address asking for details about how to ship the unit to them for repairs, and "Tom" emailed me back the same day, doing everything he could (politely) to talk me out of that. He first pointed me to the really wonderful how-to videos on their Support page, which I watched several times. I am not very mechanically savvy at all, but I gathered up the courage to rebuild one of the cylinders in my unit using some o-rings that came with it, and when that did not do the job (symptoms did not change) Tom patiently talked me thru adjusting the spring that works the shutoff switch--an easy job involving one little grub screw and moving a collar about a quarter of an inch out to the very end of the piston rod (the max adjustment). Immediately after this the compressor regained the ability to go to 4000 psi before shutting off. Tom's final diagnosis: A defective (weak) spring, a replacement for which is now being shipped to me. The cost to me for all this hand-holding (via multiple emails) and one (1) replacement spring: No charge!

What more can I say? I love the fact that my Shoebox was invented in the USA, is American made, and is supported by people who would rather help me fix things myself than profit from doing simple repairs at the factory with me footing the bill for both labor and (due to heavy weight) big shipping charges both ways. I just wanted to share this recent experience of mine with anyone out there who might be thinking of buying a Shoebox but is fearful of maintaining it. I'm a target shooter and a lover wink.gif but not at all a mechanic; and yet I now think that I can probably handle any future maintenance needs that my Shoebox may develop, and I believe that if I can do it, most of my fellow airgunners can too. happy.gif

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