The Cyclone and Tarantula are not Indy's or Royales.

August 9 2012 at 9:57 PM
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Be careful making judgements on a quality company like FX.  If you paint them with a broad brush stroke you potentially eliminate some great, classic pcp's.  Yes, the groundbreaking Independence with on board pump has had problems.  Yes, there have been problems with early Royale 400's.  I dealt with one in a synthetic stock.  I haven't spent much time with the Independence but shot Scot Heath's.  I'm not talking about the Royale 500 series since I've never owned or shot one of these.

I don't willy nilly recommend guns like others.  You don't see me post here very often.  When I post about a gun it's not speculation.  Most often I've owned it or at the very least I've shot it a lot.  I've owned 3 tarantula's and 2 cyclones.  Two of the tarantula's had factory stocks (grade 3-4 walnut with checkering) the third has a custom thumbhole.  Still own the gun.  All were silly accurate out to 50 yards.  I had a cyclone with a synthetic that was accurate but sold it because I'm not a synthetic stock guy.  The walnut stocked cyclone was bought from chrismel that posts here occasionally.  He's owned 50-60 guns and he bought it back from me.  The cyclones have great shot counts, very accurate out to 50 yards and feel like a carbine although they're marketed as a rifle.

I still own the AAS410 rifle in the above picture and will never sell it.  Although it's long, gets a poor shot count relative to the tube size the thumbhole stock with adjustable buttpad fits me and I was able to adjust the trigger (with fiber washers inserted) to my liking.  The Lothar Walther barrel shines on my gun.

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