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August 9 2012 at 11:56 PM

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Response to It was an accurate assumption but

unless you are way off to the side (laterally) of being reticule centred. My 1.0" Bushnell Elite scopes will adjust to zero to 175 yards (less than 4 yards) and the 30mm Elite to 220 yards (and less than 3 yards) admittedly at my farm's altitude ( which makes just a tad of difference to sea level.

Just to be clear; when you say you are 20 mm "short" at 5.50 yards, are you hitting 20 mm low or high at 5.50 yards with the scope maxed out? If low, then use the elevation knob to raise the impact to point-on at 5.5 yards.
If you are still hitting high by 20 mm with the scope adjusted down as far as it goes, then that scope has very limited adjustment range for a 30 mm scope, or there is something odd in the geometry of the rings to barrel relationship, or the reticule is way off being centered. If the foremost, you may then best fit an adjustable mount ( Sportsmatch is just one of the companies that make them, I use them ).

But at 850 fps with Exact 18.1 gr pellets most good scopes should easily zero to 100 yards unless they are laterally way off being reticule centered. Check your reticule lateral centering if you are hitting 20 mm high at 5.50 yd with the scope maxed out at the bottom of travel.. If that is the problem then lateral adjustment rings like Sportsmatch could be an answer ( they adjust both V and H ).

Please indicate if you have read this, now on page 2.
Kind regards, Harry.

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