Edgun R3 with BSA barrel.

August 12 2012 at 4:36 AM
oldgoat  (Login oldgoat1)

I have been looking for the best accuracy that I can get out of my Edgun Matador R3 25 cal long. While waiting for the R3 to come in, I ordered a new 25 cal BSA Lonestar from AOA. It cost me $425 shipped and I just wanted the barrel off of it. I wanted the barrel for the R3 when it came in.

The stock R3 shot very well but, I would get the occasional fliers with the special LW barrel that Ed has made to his specs. I cant really say, shot for shot, that the BSA barrel is any more accurate than the special LW barrel but, I have fewer fliers with the BSA barrel. I think that the BSAs 243 bore swages the JSBs down and removes any OD differences in the skirt and head.

I ordered a RCE swaging press and a .224 and .257 die for it. I ordered 2 Barrels from Hart Barrels; a .224 groove-.219 bore and a 257 groove-250 bore. I also ordered 2 hammer forged barrels from JTS Enterprises; a 250 groove-243 bore and a 257 groove-250 bore. The JTs 243 barrel was ordered to use with JSB 25.4 grain pellets. The other 3 barrels were going to be used for my swaged bullets.

The results were not very promising. Richard Corbin (RCE) is making me another 257 dia bullet die that he says would shoot the best in an air gun. I am waiting for it to come in, if it doesnt work out any better, I may have to try casting bullets.

While waiting for the RCE die to come in, I put my BSA Lonestar barrel back on the Matador and went to the range to sight it back in and get some muzzle, 50 and 100 yard fps numbers so I can plug them into Chairgun. After sighting in, at 50 yards, I shot some 100 yard groups. The groups were ½ mil dot high and ½ mill dot to the right from where Chairgun figured out my drop charts for the stock LW barrel.

Punching the numbers into Chairgun, the stock LW barrel has a BC 0f .366 and the BSA barrel has a BC of .410. I noticed the same results on my R2.5 25 long when I put a BSA barrel on it. The BSA barrel is hammer forged and doesnt cut the JSBs up like the LW barrels rifling does. That could be the reason for the different BC. Yrrah, where are you?

I was ready to leave the range and I thought that I would set up 10, 7mm Mauser shells at 100 yards and see if I could hit them. One fell over by the time I got back to the table. I knew that the Matador was shooting high and to the right, it took me the first 3 shells to get the windage and elevation figured out.

Im happy with the final six shots! A 7mm Mauser shell measures .485 wide by 2.102 tall. I could only find 3 of the 9 shells. The other 6 must have crawled off and died somewhere.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Edgun Matador R3 25 cal long version, with a BSA barrel, shooting JSB 25.4 grain pellets at 901 fps muzzle fps. These pellets were weight sorted and all weighed 25.2 grains. I was shooting off of a table, using a Harris bipod and an adjustable rear rest. Not the best setup, kind of shakey. I need to find something that works better.

Here is a 5 min unedited video. I really thought about editing the first 3 shells out, you guys would have never known the difference!


Have Edguns, Will Travel.

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