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BB Pelletier-Again?

November 20 2012 at 9:53 PM
KnifeMaker  (Login MikeL.)

Response to Re: Gaylord column in the recent Pyramid Air mailing "Vibration vs Velocity"

Once BB is behind the curve. As he often is. His time with AirForce Air Guns was more than trying for all serious owners of the platform. A simple search on the TAG will spell out volumes on his arrogance,an bliss in misguiding anyone that doesn't know better.

He stated in the article, (it was in the latest pyramyd mailer)., that velocity doesn't effect pellet accuracy. Really there BB.??? Where have you had your head stuck now? It has been more than proven!

Gaylord never bothers explaining that he only test at 10Meters or less, which would not show the negating effect of the pellet transitioning from a super sonic, to a subsonic condition. It is this transion that causes the loss of stability, with its resulting loss of accuracy.

Once again, BB misses the point entirely!

I still remember when he proclaimed proudly, that he never uses a Chrono when tuning or trouble shooting an Airgun . As he can always tell the speed of a pellet just by hearing it. Uhh-Huh. Right Tom!


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