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January 14 2013 at 11:40 PM
oldgoat  (Login oldgoat1)

Response to I have both

I REALLY like bull pups!

I bought a 22 cal Royale 400 with the intensions of making a bull pup out of it while I was waiting on my 25 cal R2.5 Matador. I got all of the conversion parts made and I had my home made bull pup stock just needing a little more final shaping and finishing. I put it together and see how it shot.

The converted Royale shot at least as well as the stock gun and the added trigger linkage didnt seem to change the feel of the trigger. The R2.5 25 cal came in and the Royale project collected dust for 3 years.

I was ready to buy a Daystate Wolverine, when it became available in the US, convert it into a bull pup, add a Hart .257 barrel and shoot my cast bullets out of it: then FX blind sided me with the Boss.

I ordered one the same day that I found out that AOA had gotten a shipment of them in.

I shot it one time, one shot, just to be sure that it would shoot and then I took it totally apart just to see what I needed to modify it so I could add a Hart barrel and shoot my cast .257 bullets out of it. I did put it back together and went to the range one time to see what the BC was for the 30 cal pellet. IIRC, it was .0369. I did think that it shot very well at 100 yards.

I had the gun completely apart again when my shooting buddies invited me to a Sunday shoot. I had to put the gun back together and fit it with the bull pup pieces off of the Royale project. All of the parts fit, I did have to do some late night grinding and gouging work to the stock to get the longer Boss bottle to fit. It turned out ugly but it fit.

Most of the guys at the shoot were PB guys. When I pulled the very unfinished Boss project out of the case; they all went holly s**t, what is that! I told them and they all went; O a pellet gun and then left me alone.

I had Chairgun range cards printed out from my only time at the range and I had to re sight the gun at my 50 yard zero. I had my Boss set up on my camera tripod and my air gun buddy wanted to try shooting small water bottles that the PB guys had set up at 158 yards. Shooting off of the tripod, we were hitting the bottles virtually every shot, the PB guys didnt have as much luck. We were even hitting the base of the bottles after they were knocked down. I was impressed and so were the PB guys. They wanted to try and, once we showed them the needed holdover, they were hitting the bottles also.

They became very interested in the gun then! My buddy spotted a target that lasered at 288 yards and wanted to know if my range cards showed a hold over for that range? Using my Hawke 4026 scope, it did. I had to dial the scope down to 6X and use the last mil dot box right at the bottom of the reticle. I told my buddy where to hold and he hit the target on his first shot. I was impressed and so were all of the people that were watching! They all wanted to try and they would usually hit it also. Outside of one flier that was 2 inches high, the composite 20 something shot group was around 4 inches high and 10 inches wide. There was a slight intermittent breeze from the west that opened the groups up.

Everybody was really impressed with the way that the Boss shot, including me!

Any of my Matadors out shoot my 22 cal Royale at 100 yards and I think that my 25 cal Matadors shoot better at 100 yards than the Boss. My 25 cal Matadors might be on par with the Boss at 150 but, I think that the Boss would beat them past that.

After a few beers, this is just my take on the FX 500 VS the Boss. Your opinion may vary. The Boss is a couple of $100 more and the pellets cost a lot more. I think that the Boss is more accurate and that it will definitely give more smack down power at 100 yards.

PS, my bull pup stock made a 47 inch long Boss into a 32 inch gun however; it is still a lot heavier than a Matador.

Have Edguns, Will Travel.

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