most valuable lesson from my father

May 10 2013 at 4:18 PM
PakProtector  (Login PakProtector)

Response to My concern is more about moisture and its effects

is that getting data to analyze risk is a very difficult process. If you want it done right you are going to have to learn a lot, and dig a lot. We have successfully done things first, that had heretofore been fatal or otherwise disasterous. This by analyzing and discovering the risk, and then eliminating it. I refuse to go and add another layer of risk to my life with such silliness as expired tanks.

There is risk, and IFF my tank fails I have no doubt I would be held responsible for using it...just to name one...assuming I survive the experience, LOL. Gimme a break...spending more for a compressor than a sack of 3-4 year old tanks...let alone that nutty expensive bit that consumes the compressed air? this makes sense because?

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