BAGA Field Target Match Results. May 16, 2015...(Added video from the day)

May 17 2015 at 8:01 PM

Boomer  (Login Boomer75)

BAGA Field Target Match Results. May 16, 2015

link to Jim's video of the first match

It was a great day for a field target match in the woods at BAGA today! Thank you to everyone who made the trip out today. We had people drive from 5 hours and people drive from 3 hours and some from 20 minutes so we definitely appreciate the effort that went into just showing up at the match. We were threatened by weather all day. The morning started off with rain showers early, ending around 9 am. But the rain stopped and the predicted thunder storms held off long enough for us to get a great match in and enjoy some awesome grub! We had a couple new shooters show up for this match. They traveled from mid-northern Wisconsin to visit BAGA for this match. Special thanks goes out to Jeff Reinert for bringing Tony Roman and Jake Thies with you today. It really made it a lot more fun today knowing this was their first match. They got to shoot with Alex today and I guarantee he shared some FT Vet secrets with them that they will be able to use to grow with this sport. I heard Alex cheering for those guys all day long as they continued to knock targets down. Every time they knocked one down, Alex said “NICE SHOT!!!” and help encourage them through this BAGA course. It was awesome to look over at their group and see 3 smiling faces, laughing and having a great time in the woods all day long.

Today’s match was 12 lanes, 2 targets per lane for a total of 48 shots. This course was difficult because of all the small kz’s but manageable. We didn’t exceed 55 yards with any targets today but did toss a difficult one out there once or twice to keep everyone on their toes. We had the snake out today and that kz is just a mini version of a hole in the face plate. We tossed a ¾” kz out at 42 yards and that gave some people anxiety but it was fun to hear everyone when they got to that one and said…”Dang that’s small and far…Oh well let’s see how this goes”…Everyone had to really concentrate since the winds were swirling all day long. The winds were variable between 3-8mph all day long. A few times I was looking through my scope and with my left eye I could watch my feather blowing consistently from 5-10 o’clock and all of a sudden the winds flipped around and started blowing my feather back at me from 10-5 o’clock! Completely opposite from how it was blowing!!! That caused me to miss one shot for sure today. I was looking through my scope and getting ready to squeeze off a shot and as I started to squeeze the trigger and let the shot go I watch my feather blow right back at me! That caused my pellet to hit low at about 8 o’clock on the face plate. That switch in winds pushed my pellet down and out of the kz for an awesome (painful) faceplate hit! DANG IT!

With all the rain in the past week and early morning before the match, the creek has some water in it so that also made the winds in lanes 11 and 12 wonky. Once the pellets got down towards the creek and into the swirling winds nobody could predict what would happen so it was really a fun day. All that water also made it VERY humid down in the woods by the creek. The top of the course was nice and breezy but the bottom had to deal with swirling winds and evaporating rain in the creek and surrounding area. That proved to test even the best FT shooters today.

We had 12 competitors show up for the match. Since we only had 2 people in WFTF(Greg Sauve and Boomer) we added those gents to the list of Open shooters and made it a single category for all competitors shooting from the field target position(seated). Of the 9 competitors in the Open category, Greg earned top honors of the day with a 43/48. Bill Kushner was nippin at his heals with a 42/48. Brando ended up in 3rd with 37/48 and Boomer and Vlad tied for 4th place with 30/48(no shoot off, just lunch and lots of water and a friendly hand shake).

In HFT we had 3 competitors, and for each of them this was their first match ever in HFT. Jim used to shoot in Open in the FT position but is now shooting in HFT. That being said, they did very well! Jim Guidici placed 1st with 37/48, Adam Markham was 2nd with 36/48, and Tony Roman was 3rd with 24/48. Like I said, this was the first match for both Tony and Adam so they did really well.

Jake Thies was the other gentleman shooting in his first field target match and both he and Tony were using .22 cal rifles. They did really well given this was their first field target match ever and they were using .22’s at BAGA. By their reaction after the match they had a great time and should be returning for more matching in the future. They are definitely welcome back as often as they care to make the long drive down.
For lunch after the match, our Chef Ron cooked up some brats and chicken with deviled eggs and chips. Bill brought a nice fresh melon and cut it up and everyone had a great meal.

Thanks to everyone that made the first field target match of 2015 at BAGA a huge success!!! I look forward to the next one on June 20th. I will be sending out emails and posting on all of the forums but please let me know if you plan to attend the June 20th match so we can plan food accordingly.

Here is a link to a photobucket folder with the match photos. I took a few pics of some of the targets we shot too. I did take a pic of the snake after the match. It is funny to see where everyone missed that one at. You can almost see a pattern on that target. It was set out just over 17 yards with a .375 kz.

See ya all on the lanes!

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